The End Is Nigh

So tomorrow is my last day as a hairdresser and I have to say this is excruciating. Not the job, not the people, but having to tell clients that this is the last time I’ll be doing their hair. Some of them have been with me for twenty years or more and a few of them have not taken it well at all. Tears and everything. Which makes me feel like a right arsehole. It’s almost like a relationship break up.

On the other hand, I’d feel worse if I just left without saying anything. That would definitely make me an arsehole. But it doesn’t make it any easier.

My week was practically booked out as people wanted to get in for one final appointment before I leave. I’m trying to come up with the best options for them as to where to go from here. We have a few alternatives in house and hopefully we find a replacement for me shortly. While an advert has been in place for a few weeks, there is unfortunately a shortage of qualified senior stylists out there. So if anyone’s looking for a job…

The reaction from clients has been fairly consistent. Lot’s of, “Well done, good on you, best of luck”, along with plenty of, “We hate you for leaving…”. What can I say to that?

Some of my clients have been through a lot in life. They’ve confided in me and I’ve been their one consistency in life when all else has changed around them. Now I’m going as well.

Tomorrow will be difficult on a few different levels. It’s going to be busy so I won’t have much time to dwell on the emotional aspect until the end of the day. I’ll be having a few leaving drinks with my co-workers after and it will be hard to end my working relationships with them, but at least I know there will be times when I can catch up with them so it’s not ‘goodbye’ as such.

I’ve worked with many different people over the past 23 years. All different in their own way but united in their profession. There are always characters in any profession and hairdressing is no different. I’m lucky to have worked with the people I’ve met over the years. I’ve enjoyed the banter. Some workplaces can be a bit stale but that’s definitely not the case here. Hopefully, my next job will have a similar atmosphere. If not, I’ll try and make it that way. Personalities make the work environment much more interesting.

I will have one day on Sunday to gather my thoughts and prepare for my new career. People have said I should have taken a few days off to rest in between jobs but I don’t do things that way. I’d rather stay in a work frame of mind and get on with it.

To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s fully sunken in yet. It probably won’t until Monday when I arrive at my new job. For now, I’ll just enjoy the last day with my clients and colleagues.

That’s about all for now. My next entry will probably be on Monday night after my first day as a truckie. If I survive it…

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