Back Story.

As I have a couple of weeks before I start in the new job, I should probably touch on my history in hairdressing. On the 6th of June, 1995, I was accredited with my Trade Certificate in Hairdressing after an apprenticeship of around two years. It normally takes three or so years but who wants to stay on an apprenticeship wage any longer than they need to? Hairdressing is not rocket science, but there are right and wrong ways of doing things and you need to know them. There is an element of the sciences, with chemistry and biology making cameo appearances throughout the theoretical training aspect. Chemicals are interesting things. Some chemicals get along fine with others, some don’t. Sometimes catastrophically so. I’ll touch on that more later.

The industry itself is one of the oldest in history. The medical field is older. I won’t mention the other industry that is of a similar age…, but needless to say, humankind has an extensive history of trying to make themselves look good, or at least better than usual. The reason is fairly basic. Most animals have plumage or other physical features in order to attract the most suitable mate. Humans are no different. There is an element of society who believe that how you look should have no bearing on how people perceive you, but I’ve yet to hear someone walk into a room and say, “I’ll bet that unkempt, scruffy looking person over there is great spouse material”. First impressions matter and if you walk around the streets with scruffy hair, baggy trackies and a shirt with stains on it you’re not going to make a great one. Pair that ensemble with some crocs on your feet and you will probably guarantee your celibacy for the foreseeable future.

So the industry was borne out of peoples desire to look good and attract/keep a partner. Styles change regularly and up until the 90’s you could tell what decade a hairstyle came from. The 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s all had defining looks. Some were atrocious, some not. But then the 90’s came around and things changed. Brought on by the likes of Madonna and various boy bands people became much more individual in their looks. Styles changed dramatically from year to year, even season to season. Since then, no one decade has had a defining ‘look’. This coincided with the changes in women’s outlooks towards staying at home or following a career. Ladies were no longer going to the hairdresser for their weekly set or blow-wave. They were now juggling a family, home and career. Styles had to be more versatile and easier to manage. A mini revolution was taking place in the hairdressing industry…

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