Hello world!

After 23 years as a Hairdresser/Barber I’ve decided to change direction. Completely. At the age of 44. This is my journey away from my comfort zone. Which was becoming uncomfortable, to be honest.

The thought entered my mind around a year ago. I’d done pretty much everything I could in the hairdressing industry and I was in danger of becoming stagnant. Problem was, what else could I do? I’d been a hairdresser for so long, it was my trade, I wasn’t qualified to do anything else. Then I thought about a few papers I did at Uni years ago. One was Operations Management. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Must have been the OCD kicking in…

So I began researching different industries. I came across Logistics and Supply Chain Management. “That looks interesting”, I thought. I may have even said it out loud. So, how to get into the industry? “I know. I’ll walk into their office and ask for a job as a truck driver!”, said no hairdresser, ever. Well, almost. Over a few months, I trained in heavy transport, forklift and dangerous goods licences and endorsements. After I had passed these (at the first attempt, I might add), I sent my CV off to a bunch of companies. Within ten days I had three interviews. Within two weeks I had three formal offers of employment. I chose the company who gave me the most opportunity to advance. Today, I had my induction. I start in two weeks. It’s been about one month since I sent out my CV.

So, that got me wondering; if a middle aged hairdresser with no experience can get a job as a truck driver, why is there such a thing as unemployment? Everyone has their different challenges in life and only they can answer that question as it relates to them. But still…, maybe we’re just a little too proud and selective when it comes to what we should do for a career. Are we looking to walk into a high level position without doing the hard yards first? Are we not prepared to get our hands dirty in order to progress? I’m not that proud. I know I’m going to have to start again from the bottom. It’s going to be tough, particularly financially, but that’s what it takes sometimes. The alternative is merely existing in your workplace, going through the motions, so to speak. Can’t do it. Won’t.

So, this is my blog, my journey if you will. Sounds a little cheesy, the whole ‘journey’ thing. But I’m not sure how else to describe it. My aim? I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s just to help me stay motivated. Perhaps someone else will read this, realise they are avoiding the inevitable and take the steps they need to change their life for the better and get out of the rut they’re in. If so, well and good. If I can do it, well, you know…

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